The Company

We are a limited liability company incorporated under Luxembourg law on January 15, 1979 with registered office in Sanem and having a share capital of 1 M €. The company is 100% owned by the Luxembourg State. The Luxembourgish Government mandated WSA, by decision of the Government in Council, to act on behalf of the state vis-à-vis NATO, the United States Army or any other military or civilian authority. The company currently employs around 250 people and works for institutional clients such as the United States Air Force, the Luxembourg Army and the Luxembourg Ministry of Justice.

Our Values

Customer Oriented

Customers are our number one priority in our strategy, goals, decisions and actions.


Confidentiality of sensitive information is our main comparative advantage, essential in the relationship of trust established with our customers.


Respect for values in our daily action to adopt the best possible decision in a given situation.

Team Spirit

Sharing of common objectives in order to privilege collective success at the expense of individual interests.

Site’s Characteristics

→ 15 humidity controlled warehouses with a storage capacity of 5000 m2 each
→ 1 heated warehouse of 5000 m2
→ 1 ventilated warehouse of 3600 m2 for petroleum products
→ Repair, Maintenance and Preservation Shops

Our activities

Although the primary mission of WSA was to manage, on behalf of the United States Army, NATO-funded depots built for the exclusive use of the United States Army, its mission has evolved over the years. Today WSA provides warehousing, logistical support and maintenance services for military equipment, goods and merchandise of all kinds within the framework of bilateral agreements between countries or agreements with its institutional clients.


Our Vision

Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, our main objective is to ensure a high level of satisfaction for our customers in respect of the security rules and values of the company.